Tuesday, May 23, 2017

With the gradual introduction and acceptance of electronic devices, (Computers Telephones, etc.) digitalization of our world has seen fundamental changes for people and organizations.

One major change in our society is the way we have started to digitally STORE, USE and  MONITOR our money.

At its core, money provides us the maximum flexibility in exchange for products and services between people and organizations.

Over time money has evolved to be quoted in currencies related to the location where people live and work. This type of Money is/was previously guaranteed by the KINGDOM(s) of the territory, now the Central Bank of a country.

Money was / is kept in different formats depending on the needs of exchange considering safety and security. From the previous MINTS in precious metals like gold and silver, a change was made to printed money (Mostly Notes) and now evolving to digitally stored promises all guaranteed by the Central Banks of the currency applicable. For years Central Banks kept a close link to precious metals like GOLD and SILVER, but this was abandoned to a large extend during the 1970's.

In addition to the current currencies, recently a new ‘virtual’ currency (BITCOIN) became a reality to replace the function of existing currencies. This virtual currency has limited acceptance by Governments, suppliers and buyers of goods and services. Safety & Security issues are related to the losses in the BITCOIN values and acceptance. Apart from these technical issues, the lack of guarantees by a trusted governing organization comparable to to-day’s role of the Central Bank is also causing a major stumbling block in the further development and acceptance of this virtual currency.

From the BITCOIN program we learned that there is a demand for new ways of storing and use of our financial resources (money).

The eMINT was created to respond to the requirements of a digital based world and related needs.

It is based on proven and enhanced control concept(s) for Storing eMINTs and processing transactions without any delays. Based on a distributed Ledger concept it provides the security required in todays digital world. In addition the Streight Through Processing (STP) concept is used for extremely fast executions of transactions and to avoid manual interventions.

The eMINT program is a ‘virtual’ commodity exchange program to replace the current financial exchange methods. It is based on a basket of selected commodities to avoid major fluctuations of it’s value.  This method of storing and using ASSETS in the evolution of a digital driven world is unique in its concepts and security.

By going back to the base of value exchange, eMINT provides the alternative to todays complex and expensive Finanancial world.


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